Ninestars Services

Ninestars App9


Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective solution to publish your news through a company-branded Tablet / Smartphone applications?

Our custom apps development solutions for iOS and Android-based tablets allow publishers to obtain their own branded News and Magazine applications in quick easy steps.

Tight integration with existing digital asset management systems of publishers allows easy content maintenance and updates. The platform has powerful layout integration that can interact with the advertising workflows currently in place with publishers.




Ninestars Publishing


Ninestars™ epaper solution helps you to easily publish current newspaper editions in a digital environment. The highly automated process uses PDF or formats from editorial applications such as Quark to produce the digital edition.


At Ninestars, we help deliver content on mobile devices through true-to-print digital editions. Since the display is of key importance, we deliver a superior user experience by designing for screen resolution and font clarity. mPaper can be subscription-based with a secure log-in interface.


With global audiences ready for a richer digital content experience, eMagazines open up new revenue possibilities through subscriptions and integrated (and contextual) advertising.





Ninestars Digitization / Conversion


We transform print content into feature-rich eJournals, eBooks, eReferences and custom books using StarBook and StarJournal, our custom tools for electronic publishing. Both these services are highly automated and scalable to ensure quality with improved time-to-market.


At Ninestars, we have digitized millions of newspaper pages for firms in India, the US and Europe. StarChive, our turnkey historic newspaper archival solution, delivers digital libraries of newspaper articles, images and advertisements. The content is scanned, digitally enhanced and indexed to provide high quality and easy access. From the first edition to the current, the publisher can access information through a custom interface, if required, and save on time for retrieval and reuse. The solution is multi-lingual and scalable to manage high volume of content.


Quality and Timelines. We have consistently delivered on both criteria when it comes to digitizing Customer Acquisition Forms (CAFs) for leading telecom service providers and insurance companies. Our service combines logistics, digitization, storgae & retrieval, supported by a scalable framework and efficient digital tools.

We manage the end-to-end process including collection of forms from distributors, data capture, digital imaging, storage and retrieval on demand.




Ninestars Media Monitoring Services


We have worked with the best in the world and extend the value of our experience to your requirement, be it clipping, summarization or analytics.

Our experience of delivering about 32 million clips for more than a dozen media monitoring agencies worldwide has enabled us to perfect our clipping process.


Move beyond print monitoring to cover a wide range of media: television broadcasts, radio content, podcasts and more.

We help media monitoring companies deliver faster and better services to their customers. We do it by clipping, enriching and de-cluttering content without compromising on relevance, quality and speed of delivery. We understand that 99.95% of word accuracy and 99.3% character accuracy will mean nothing if the meta-tags are not deep enough or the categories are not well-defined.


Given the speed of conversations in social media, it qualifies as the most exciting source of information for your customers, be it organizations, individuals or governments. Managing brand reputation is a real-time engagement. We help you track, measure and listen to your customers.