Newbase Webshot

Clip online articles quickly and easily!

With NEWBASE WebShot you can quickly and easily clip web page content, remove disruptive elements and modify the layout. With one mouse click you can export the finished articles and pictures including metadata into your NEWBASE system:

webshot türkis

  • Search for and find your reports in the usual way using any search engine or get link lists delivered by online monitoring services
  • Clip the selected article “on the fly” – directly in the browser
  • Delete all disruptive elements (banners, backgrounds, menus etc.)
  • Format the clipped article
  • Add all the necessary metadata to the article obtained
  • Categorise and save without the need for further software

The articles so obtained are handled in the same way as conventional printed articles. They include all relevant metadata and – if required – a full searchable text. The articles can be easily integrated into any existing NEWBASE system without any problems, and are permanently available.