About Newbase

The road to success is shorter in the company of a good partner.

You would like to observe the media and evaluate the information that is relevant for you in the best possible way. We can help you with this because we are the innovative company with many years’ experience and international competence.

Service providers, businesses and public authorities have been relying on the quality of NEWBASE products since 1989. Documents and information from numerous media channels are selected, interpreted, assessed and distributed with our systems and services. NEWBASE solutions ensure exacting observation of the media and therefore form the basis for successful PR work.

Our clients attach importance to reliability and high quality. They always want to be right up-to-date. And they insist that they should never be left on their own.

We are very successful because we are aware of this and because we always take notice of our clients’ wishes. It’s not without reason that our NEWBASE solutions are being used all over the world to evaluate the media within schedule and controlled by profiles.

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Irrespective of whether you use our programs or our services, we will support you in finding the optimum solution to meet your individual requirements.

We see ourselves as a partner. As a partner that noticeably shortens your road to success with our committed service, comprehensive offerings and reliable programs.